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Pasture-raised foods delivered to your neighborhood

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What is a buying club?
Our private Buying Club is a way for your to purchase your food directly from the farm. It is a group of educated food buyers dedicated to doing something positive with their food dollar for their environment, health, and family. We aggregate local Mississippi produce on our website so that you can shop from your favorite farmers from all over the state in one central place. 

How does it work?
Every other week (once a month in some locations) throughout the year, we deliver pre-ordered farm products to a host home in the cities listed below around North Central Mississippi. A little over a week before each buying club drop off we send out an email newsletter that contains a link to our online farmers' market, a picture of the week, recipe of the week, and any new of the products or sales that will be available that week. 

Where are your buying club locations, and how do I become a member?  
Click your city below to sign up for a buying club in your area.

     Starkville, MS
Meridian, MS        Columbus, MS       Tupelo, MS

Featured Products

Breakfast Sausage

$6.00/ea (ground breakfast sausage)
Sale Breakfast Sausage

Ground Beef 1 lb

Sale Ground Beef 1 lb

Ground Beef 10 lb

ON SALE! Save $11.50
$92.00/ea (Grass Fed and Finished Beef)
Sale Ground Beef 10 lb

Ground Beef 5 Pack

ON SALE! Save $9.25
$42.50/ea (Grass Fed and Finished Beef)
Sale Ground Beef 5 Pack

Honey 1 lb

Sale Honey 1 lb

Pork Chops Bone In

$9.99/lb (1" cut, 2 per package, vacuum sealed )
Sale Pork Chops Bone In

Smoked Sausage

$7.50/lb (linked smoked sausage)
Sale Smoked Sausage

Vermont Maple Syrup

Sale Vermont Maple Syrup

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