Beaverdam Fresh Farms is a biologically diverse farm that was established in 2010 by Ali and Dustin Pinion. Beaverdam Farms operates on the principle that healthy soils create healthy foods and in turn healthy communities. We base our farming practices on mimicking natural patterns that build organic matter and preserve the land for future generations. 

Our livestock are rotated onto fresh pasture daily (or weekly depending on the animal) in order to spread the manure around the farm and lessen the impact. Our vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. By mimicking natural patters, our livestock are healthier; therefore we do not give our livestock any antibiotics, vaccinations, or added hormones. 

We partner with other farmers around our region to deliver dairy products, honey, coffee, grains, fruit, vegetables, and meats to our buying clubs locations all over north central Mississippi. At Beaverdam Farms, we believe in restoring land through growing healthy food and supporting our community and other local farms.

What is a buying club?

Our private Buying Club is a way for your to purchase your food directly from the farm. It is a group of educated food buyers dedicated to doing something positive with their food dollar for their environment, health, and family. We aggregate local Mississippi produce on our website so that you can shop from your favorite farmers from all over the state in one central place.