Beef Quarter Share

Beef Quarter Share

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With a quarter beef share, you will get to choose the cuts of beef that you bring home. Upon paying the deposit you will get an email with a cut sheet to fill out. I am also happy to assist you in filling out your cut sheet. Any part of the beef can be ground into hamburger.

You will have to work with the person who you share your side of beef with to get the same cuts in thickness on your steaks and roasts. Our beef comes from Landers Livestock in Kosiusko, MS. They are friends of ours who do not feed their cattle anything but grass and hay. The do not use any added growth hormones or antibiotics. They use no grain or grain bi-products, and are completely grass fed and finished. All of our products are processed at Attala Frozen Foods in Kosiusko, MS. All products are vacuum sealed except for bones and fat. 

The beef will be $4.35/lb hanging weight plus processing costs ($100 - $150/quarter) 
quarter 131 - 182 lbs

The total cost of a quarter of a cow share is somewhere between $850 - $1000 per quarter 

If you get a quarter share you will have a $200 deposit. Your deposit will go towards your total payment of your share. 

Deposits are not refundable because the beef will have your name on it therefore it can only be sold to you. 

Estimations for 1/4 shares of beef: 10 - 15 steaks, 6 - 8 roasts, 4 - 6lbs of stew meat, 4 lbs of liver, 40 - 50 lbs of hamburger, broth bones, fat, and ribs. This comes out to being around 80 - 120 lbs take home weight. 

**These estimations are variable depending on the size of the cow.